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Hi, I am Mark Cimon and welcome to my real estate website.

This website is designed to educate and help prepare you for the biggest purchase or sale of your life. Whether it is your first or tenth real estate transaction, there are always new things to know.


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Giving Good Counsel – Counselling vs. High-Pressure Tactics

Most people are not fans of traditional high-pressure selling techniques. Today, people are more educated than ever before, may have bought or sold more than one property in their lifetime, and have had greater exposure to media and information. In short, most people have developed a strong aversion to exploitation and manipulation by a domineering salesperson.

Traditional sales techniques teach numerous methods to ask questions that lead to a”Yes” response. The salesperson is taught to deal smoothly, yet unyieldingly, to any objection, and to use closing techniques which manipulate people to get the sale. These actions are directed toward fulfilling the salespersons needs and goals, not yours!

I prefer to treat you as I would I would like to treated. Pressure does not have to be a part of my profession. That is why counselling provides a fresh approach to meet your real estate goals. With me, the counselling involves listening, consulting, negotiating, managing and marketing, in a courteous and professional manner. This is how I choose to deal with clients and potential clients, setting myself apart.

Traditional Type Selling


Salesperson Oriented

Client Oriented

Creates a need

Looks for and discovers needs

Talks at the client

Discusses with the client

Makes sales

Makes sales and lifelong clients


Adaptable & shares knowledge

Increases fear and distrust

Increases trust and understanding



With counselling, the goal is to fulfill your realty needs and create a relationship and a client for life, through common goals and mutual respect

As we have seen recently, the real estate market, and the external factors that affect it, are in a continuous state of flux. Since none of us have any control over this, being prepared is critical.  My approach to dealing with this reality is to emphasize strong communication and planning as part of my business.

Remember I am…”Rolling Up My Sleeves for YOU”.